Shopper Analytics & CPFR

Shopper Analytics

Looking to drive sales? Increase your share? Build brand loyalty? Look no further than KKM’s Shopper Analytics team. With the use of the CVS ExtraCare portal we’re able to identify and understand YOUR key customer and then effectively market to them.


CPFR stands for Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment and allows for suppliers to have enhanced visibility to the entire supply chain process from forecasting all the way down to DC and Store Inventory levels. As the only CVS broker-partner currently authorized for this program, the KKM CPFR team would take control over the ordering process from CVS and would act as a personal DC planner.

What does that mean for you?

  • Greater focus and attention to your DC service levels and the immediate ability to take action on any service issues through the KKM replenishment team
  • An increase in DC service levels
  • Complete visibility to the CVS forecast and the ability, with the KKM replenishment team, to adjust the forecasts and orders to ensure high service and the achievement of CVS’ goals
  • Improved in-stock, sales, and efficiencies

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